Prioritizing yourself and taking your health back, with Rachel Bennett.

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Michelle and Rachel discuss Rachel’s pursuit of longevity, peace of mind, and balance in her life. Rachel shares her experiences (successes and failures), and any tips and tricks that she discovered along the way. Rachel grew up in an incredibly loving southern home… full of laughter, celebrations and food. A lot of food, and it wasn’t healthy food. She developed some pretty bad habits and has used the most recent years to untangle them as well as untangling the mess in her head that surrounded it. Fast-forward to now…she’s at a healthy weight, exercises daily , and is always looking for the next goal to set and achieve. So she’s now become one of those “annoying healthy people.” Now that she’s found a healthy way of living she’s expanded into guiding others to helping them show up for themselves and gaining a healthy future.

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Episode 3