A calling to protect immigrant rights with Tahmina Watson

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Michelle talks with Tahmina Watson about why she got into immigration law even though she resisted it at first, how she ended up feeling called to  protect the rights of immigrants, and how immigrant entrepreneurship is part of America’s backbone.

Tahmina Watson is a nationally acclaimed and award winning immigration attorney. She is the founder of Watson Immigration Law in Seattle and her practices focuses on business immigration. She is a frequent speaker, author, Podcaster and blogger, and is regularly quoted in the media including CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg and more. She has published numerous articles and two books.  Tahmina serves as the Chair of the Response Committee for the Washington Chapter, and on the AILA National Media Advocacy Committee. She is the recipient of several awards including 2019 AILA President’s Commendation and 2017 AILA Washington Pro Bono Award. Recently, she was named one of the 2020 Women of Influence honorees by the Puget Sound Business Journal. In 2018, She envisioned and helped founded a non-profit, The Washington Immigrant Defense Network (WIDEN) which funds and facilitates legal representation in the immigration courtroom (www.widenlaw.org). She is co-founder of Airport Lawyers (www.airportlawyer.org) which provided critical services during the early travel bans.

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