Utilizing Emotion Code to heal and release generational trauma, with Rebecca Packard

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Michelle and Rebecca discuss the many tools we have to help heal and release past traumas.  Rebecca shares her journey of healing and how learning to practice Emotion Code has not only helped her heal from and release her own past traumas but that which gets passed down generationally.  It is through this process of releasing and healing that we expose our own divine vibration! 

Rebecca Packard is an accredited preventative trauma care teacher and educator, self-help instructor, Youtuber, Podcaster, speaker and Live Happy ambassador. Whole life balance through daily practice is what Rebecca is all about.  Rebecca believes in the power of holistic healing and uses pioneering techniques, life-changing coaching and insight. She maintains a successful global practice working privately with entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives as well as influencers and celebrities, helping them to understand the foundation of success and everything they want comes from the release of all the emotions, traumas, and programs keeping them from living and being their full potential. 

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